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Just taking a few minutes out of our busy messy moving to surf the net a bit. Something I have not done in over a week now. Not that I have not been online. I have! Just posting stuff to sell tho.... In today's down market you gotta push your goods extra hard. It is really amazing what people are telling me too. They are saying that they never bought stuff second hand but now they never go into stores, just yards sales and whatnot. Nothing like a recession/depression to change peoples outlook ey? I have such a great appreciation for my grandparents now! I hope our world doesn't get that rough.

Our moving sale was a huge success. It was pure chaos tho. The dealers were at the door at 7. Alot of great people and a lot of horrid people. We had to throw someone out because she was trying to steal from us. Lots of old women trying to confuse us into selling them crap without having to pay but we are slick. We were on to them.
This week I have sold a few more large items. Today I think I have already sold a dresser and Brian's executive desk. Yay!
I will find a charity today to come pick up the remainder of the stuff that we do not want. I think I will try to plan for them to come Saturday afternoon and then I will try an "impromptu yardsale" to raise a bit more cash.
We decided to take our boat with us rather than sell it. Where we are going we will use the hell out of it. We have everything set for October 2nd. We will pull it out of the water and put it on a truck and then we will follow the truck with the "wide load" signs and lights. We only have to follow the truck to the top of California. After that he does not need a lead car so we are going to take out time and explore Oregon a bit.
We just secured a live aboard slip. we do not plan to live on it but we like having that security.

Taurus pistol with mother of pearl grips and gold accents. Yes I do own guns. It is my right and I am very responsible. Don't hate me.


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