Our lives are such a disaster right now! I cannot wait for this move to be over so we can start looking forward.

Here are a couple of snapshots of what I am dealing with this week. We are planning a moving sale this weekend. Since we are trying to turn as much of our stuff into cash, we are going to hold it as an estate sale. The way they do when someone dies. We are going to allow everyone to just walk thru and buy whatever they want. So I have been merchandising our home, which is really weird.

The back patio where a lovely set of furniture once sat. Now has been taken over by the contents of our storage unit. Mostly industrial packing supplies and sample boards from out now closed business.
I will be tackling this today so that I can drain Sophie's pool to give to her neighborhood gal pal. We gave her the castle yesterday. I have a feeling it is already trashed. This kid is very different from Sophie. While Sophie is really becoming an awesome little human being. This girl still acts like she is 2 years old half the time. I think her mom is just too passive....

We had a buyer for the truck but the kid just could not get all the money together so that fell through. We also had a trailer on hold for us but that guy could not come up with the dang title. So now we are just building a box on the back of the truck and we are going to use that as our "covered wagon". It should be done and painted by the end of the day. We have a guy dropping off a ramp for us today too. If all goes well we will have it mostly packed by sunset today. Cross your fingers for us.


Phoebe 12:08 PM  

Good luck and keep us up to speed!

wedding photographer essex 3:16 AM  

Oh poor you. Moving is so stressful. Good luck with it all.

casino party 3:17 AM  

Hope your move goes well.

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