This weekend was Sophie's 4th birthday. (she was actually born on Labor Day!) She has been looking forward to ordering the cake for nearly 6 months now. She chose this Disney princess cake because a) she is obsessed with Disney princesses, and b) she is a techy so she dug the LED lights that go under the dresses. But to her disappointment, the cake only came with one light even tho it has 3 princesses!
When I went in the next day to complain about that and the fact that one of our guest pulled out a 5 inch hair from her cake, Albertsons did not give a shit! So guess what Albertsons? I don't give a shit about you either! Another 14-18 more years of $30.00 birthday cakes and $200.00 a week for food, GONE! I am taking my business elsewhere.


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