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A cherished picture can do more than adorn the mantel. Turn favorite photos of family, friends, or even landscapes into gift labels, envelope decorations, and special journal covers. Symbols meaningful to the recipient, such as gardening tools or fishing flies (left), make wonderful embellishments as well.
You’ll need a black-and-white photocopy of the image you want to use and a Design art marker (available at art-supply stores) in Gray 1 (very light gray). Note: This project will produce a mirror image of your picture; if your original contains any writing, use the reverse option on the photocopier when duplicating.
1. Place the photocopy, print side down, onto the paper surface you want your picture transferred to. Using the gray marker, completely color over the back of the image, holding or taping it down to be sure it doesn’t shift, until the image starts to show through the back of the paper.
2. Let sit for 5 minutes to set and dry, then carefully peel the photocopy away.

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McAuliflower 7:18 PM  

fun project. these markers are also available without color, usually named blender markers.

The active ingredient is Xylene, which is completely stinky, and really should be ventilated.

erika 8:12 AM  

Stinky markers! What could be better?! Thanx mcauliflower!

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