Custom Candy Hearts

Valentines Day is just around the corner. Why not surprise your loved ones with custom heart candies.

First step, sand the pre-existing text off of the candy hearts. Place the sandpaper on a flat surface and rub the heart on it in a circular motion. A fairly fine grit will leave a smooth enough surface for writing on, without scratch marks. Oddly enough I found that the non-texted side of a heart doesn’t take up ink as well. It tends to bleed out and feather too much for legibility in this tiny space.

Brush off the powdery sugar residue and pen your own sayings with food coloring markers. The traditional color of ink for Conversational Hearts is red, however, fun could be had mixing up the colors of your text. Rubber stamps may work, if you have ones small enough to fit in the work area of a candy heart.

Give your dirty talking skills a fun practice run on these candies for your Valentine. Now that’s my style of aphrodisiac!


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