These handsoaps are so amusing. I have no idea where you would buy them. I found this over at 7gadgets.com I bet you could make these just by snipping of the hands of unsuspecting doll babies, slice in half lengthwise so that it can be opened. Tape it back up and then pour melted soap (flesh colors of course) into them and let them cool. If your into candle making, they would also make fun little candles. I would love to see these on my birthday cake! And what a delightful little hostess gift they would make!

update- here is the site to purchase these lovely hands.


Queen Mommy 7:07 AM  

I don't know if your idea would work, due to the inside of most doll hands do not show the detail. you could do a ceramic mold of the outside of a doll hand and then pore the soap into the ceramic mold. That might work better, and save some of the doll hands...

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