• canvas drop cloth (6- x 9-foot, #126317)
  • painter's tape (1 ½-inch, #39896)
  • paint (Valspar Signature Colors, Eddie Bauer Home, Snapdragon EB17-2, semi-gloss)
  • PVC cross tees (1 ½-inch-diameter, #22729)
  • PVC plugs (4-inch-diameter, #23308)
  • plastic primer (Valspar Ultra Premium, #57601)
  • light green spray paint (#244138)


  • foam paintbrush
  • yardstick
  • sandpaper
  • pencil
Step 1: In the center of a drop cloth, measure and then lightly mark a 33-inch square using a pencil. Lightly draw lines to create nine equal interior squares, each one measuring 11 inches.

Step 2: Place pieces of painter's tape along the outer edges of the square and centered on the interior-square lines (leaving ¾ inch of tape on each side of the lines). Measure 1 ½ inches from the tape on the square's outer edges, and then apply another border of tape.

Step 3: Using a foam brush, paint the nine squares and the square's border between the pieces of painter's tape. A dabbing motion works best. Allow to dry. Paint additional coats as needed, and remove the tape when paint is completely dry.

Step 4: Using sandpaper, lightly roughen the PVC pieces that will be used as X's and O's. Prime and then spray-paint the pieces, using additional coats as needed. Allow each coat to dry.
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