Make Your Own Envelopes (and draw a bunny)

The Knitted Blog has a great tutorial on making envelopes. I love making envelopes out of my old magazines. I think it's a great way to reuse and it also makes a more interesting way to pay your bills or to send out hand made cards. Speaking of which, has any one ever watched a movie called "How To Draw A Bunny"? It's a documentary about Ray Johnson (Andy Warhol's friend) who never quite reached fame. It's directed by John Waters so it is a definite must see.

"How to Draw a Bunny attempts to both unravel the enigma of artist Ray Johnson's elusive personality and restore him to his rightful place in the pantheon of 20th century American art. An artist whose collages bridged dada and pop art, Johnson occupied a respected if obscure corner of the visual art world. Upon his suicide off Long Island in 1995, he left his friends and associates with a bounty of work and more questions than answers about the man behind such works as "Untitled (Joseph Cornell Just a Face)." Through interviews with subjects from Christo to the sheriff who investigated his suicide, this documentary serves its subject best when it allows the camera to linger on Johnson's work. Those unfamiliar with Johnson's sometimes cartoonish reappropriations of advertising iconography may marvel in much the same way viewers of Basquiat did a decade ago. Here was an artist who transformed every act of his life—even his highly orchestrated death—into a work of art. From letters to canvases to a pair of shoes, Ray Johnson used the world as his medium to create objects of wonder."

How To Draw A Bunny
It's such a terrific and inspiring movie, especially if you are into avant garde paper craft.


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