My Art Installation

I have been researching how to make felted balls so that I can make these cool felted rocks for what I refer to as 'my art installation'. You see- I have this fountain in my livingroom. It's not just a little tabletop thing. It's actually dug about 2 1/2 feet into the floor and goes up the wall about 5 feet. Its really about the size of a baby pool. It even has a 3x4ish foot garden next to it. It's very 60's tropical, and its really silly. We usually keep it empty because of the tot (too tempting, although she never pays attention to it) It also attracts mosquitoes so for that reason alone, it sits empty. I do fill it for parties though. People love its cheesiness and will actually throw money in it to make wishes. Score for me!
Now back to "my art installation', I am going to fill it with pillows that resemble water and sea life so that said tot can actual interact with it. It's such a silly thing to have in your home so I am just going to play on that and actually try to enjoy it and also enjoy making various sea creatures. Can seahorses and frog co-habitate?
Hey- i just found a picture of it for you, ( I was being lazy and didn't want to get up and take a picture of it and then explain to Mr. Hubby what I was doing)
So my question to you is, has anyone ever made felted beads that would have some advice as to how to make them as smooth as the felted rocks in the above photo?


Anonymous,  4:57 PM  

you have a ghost orb on the very top of the picture. have fun

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