Satan Butter

I found this over at Neatorama. I think it would make a terrific giftie. I have spent the better part of the day trying to find a free downloadable butter wrapper to print out but am having no luck. If anyone knows of such a site please leave it in the comments for us.
There are plenty of transparent printer paper out there, your best source is Michael's Crafts for Martha Stewart's new line of paper's or you local scrapbooking supply store. Michael's will also carry shea butter soap in a raw block that you can add smells and colors to. A touch of yellow should make it butter colored. Add a dash of fragrance such as milk or honey (or both) for that buttery goodness. I think once I figure out the wrapper I will leave the Satan part off of it. Perhaps just "Body Butter" will do....


wishful thinking 7:14 PM  

Maybe you can scan in a butter wrapper and photo shop it to what you want it to say.

erika 10:02 PM  

I thought about that but me not so goody with the photoshopy. It would be a good reason for practice though. I'm kind of afraid to put a butter wrapper on the scanner too.
Thanks for getting me thinking.

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