You Say It's Your Birthday? It's My Birthday Too!

I am trying to come up with some ideas for my tot's 2nd b-day and my stepsons 20th b-day celebration. They are 2 days apart, (do you think dad is a bit procreant during that time or what?) I like the idea of using flags made from patterned paper instead of streamers. I think I can do some for the big kid using cooler paper and some for the little kid with more playful patterns and they will look great mixed together. I also love these little treat pouches made from squares of paper sewn together and then shut differently at each end. I always try to have gifties for my guest and by putting them inside these little sachet's you can get away with more adult items as well as kid friendly one's. Just be sure to label them for the right guest!


Cindy 5:01 PM  

I have a similar container on my blog --but no sewing and you use one of those cool crimpers.
What is you party theme? I love thinking of party ideas.

Cindy 5:04 PM  

A lottery ticket is a good favor for the older ones and would fit in those containers

erika 8:30 AM  

I'm not sure what the them will be, I think I just want to go with a vintage summer feel. I love your crimped pouches! What a wonderful idea. Your blog is so inspiring! thank you for your comments Cindy.

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