All thats missing is a hooka

I really like this day bed display at Zara Home. Its a fantastic way to add life to a dull corner. I bet most of this stuff could be found around your house. An unused mattress, those bolts of fabric that you've been storing in your closet, that silly little chair that has no real home in your house, and all of those throw pillows that you can't resist can now have a home. And is it just me or is this not the perfect setting for a wall of mix matched frames?


Ana 10:35 AM  

I love the idea, but where is the color in that room? the furniture is nice, the frames are nice, the rug looks comfy...I'm longing for a magenta pillow or an orange frame...maybe it's just me?

erika 1:16 PM  

I rather like the monotone look to this room today. Maybe its because of my my pre-Christmas glum that I'm in. But I guess your right- some vibrant colors would do the space well.
thanx for your comment!

Rochelle R. 1:11 AM  

I am afraid I have already used this look in my poor just married stage. It looks a lot more appealing when it is not just all you can afford :)

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