Gnomes 30th Anniversary Edition

Gnomes is the product of Rien Poortvliet and Wil Huygen’s observation of the local gnome population in Holland. Until Gnomes was first published in Dutch in 1976, these friendly nocturnal creatures were only represented in folk lore; descriptions were often incomplete or simply inaccurate. Poortvliet and Huygen, having studied and interviewed gnomes for two decades, set out to fill this gap with their own encyclopedic tome.

Gnomes covers all areas of gnome culture, including architecture, education, courtship, medicine, industry, and relationships with other mythical creatures. Huygen’s sober descriptions are balanced by Poortvliet’s light-hearted portrayals of gnomes at work and at play. Thirty years later, this beautifully illustrated volume continues to engage and enchant readers of all ages.


HilaryS 9:17 AM  

Hilarious. I just picked up the original at my Goodwill for $1 because I remembered it from childhood.

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