Work in progress....

(Sorry the picture is so crappy. I am a terrible photographer.)
This is what I have been working on this week, cleaning and updating my Salamander's room. I pulled everything out and steam cleaned the carpet. I still have to put the area rug back in once the carpet is totally dry. I have some new Stephen Mackey posters to hang. I made new curtains and a new bulldog lounger. I had so much fun using Heat and Bond to make the funny flowers and silly bulldog. I'm totally addicted! (I'm so going to cover the Trader Joe's logo on my shopping bags now, I hate logos.)
Hey- did you notice the cool Midsummer Light hanging over the table? I scored it at a local card shop on clearance for $16!


amy t sharp 12:45 PM  

Love it
Get out about the light- can you get me one?!!!cheap!

erika 12:47 PM  

Sorry Amy, it was the only one. But I so would have gotten you one!

Rochelle R. 11:23 PM  

Wow, that light is beautiful, what a deal. The bull dog face is very cute.

amy t sharp 10:24 AM  

thanks doll! I love the way yr site looks with the tutorial!

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