Tipping is not just a city in China

By the way- I really get off on the few comment that people leave for me. It makes me feel like there are people out there. It also feels like you have left me a tip for my blog services so please comment often (an be nice) and have a great week, and eat green vegetables, and give your mom a hug.


amy t sharp 7:23 AM  

I love you girl and am so happy yr posting more!!!! :)

pdxstacey 10:13 AM  

I read your blog every day. It is my reward at work after I cross something off my list.

I love it!

Phoebe 11:37 AM  

Well, you don't know me and I don't know you, but this is pretty much my favorite blog. Read it everyday because we're kindred spirits or something that doesn't make me seem like a stalker. I find all the ideas that I want to do to my house, my crafts, my kids, etc in ONE PLACE. In a nutshell, thanks for being the go-to-guide for cool ideas.

Anonymous,  6:17 AM  

I read your blog every day as well. I love what you post...keep up the good work!

sara,  4:36 AM  

Alright, you asked for it. I stumbled here just yesterday from..honestly I can't remember but now I'm addicted. I'm liking your take on things, your aesthetic, and from you I have gone to countless other exciting places. Keep up the excellent tour-guiding.

Heidi 12:05 PM  

I've had you bookmarked for a few weeks now, stumbled in through someone's blogroll. I love that you find things and instantly think "Well I can DIY that!" just like I do. I stop by usually once a week on the weekends. Keep up the great work :)

Name: Natasia 6:59 AM  

I just recently discovered your blog, and totally understand the joy one takes in comments. Even if I seldom make myself known, you can rest assured that I regularly lurk here!

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