Sea Lion Woman

We are back from our little trip. We moved our boat from So Cal to No Cal.

Weeks of preparations and a full day to load it and we are finally off.

A day later and we have finally 'landed'.

It really is amazing at how easily these guys move big giant boats around all day. They found a little broken piece that needed to be repaired before it was hauled (boat talk for plopped back in the water). The shaft (bolt that hold a sacrificial zinc plate so that the whole boat doesn't corrode). So a day later and a grand for the fix and $200 on a really sweet ass hotel we were finally back in the water.

The highlight of her trip was seeing the sea lions. She still walks around the house making sea lion noises. How to you spell that sound?

I have always wondered why the Golden Gate Bridge wasn't gold colored...

The view from our slip (boat talk for our dock).

Sea Lion Woman by Feist. While this is not my favorite song of hers, it did seem appropriate.


Shirily 12:09 AM  

the sound you are looking for is "ork ork ork" :)

Queen Mommy 7:40 PM  

art art art

lol I am sending her the movie "Andre" so you can watch it as many times as I have

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