Pool Tables Are Not Just For Men In Bars

Went I was a little kid we had a pool table in our dining room for some reason. Don't know why my parents would do such a thing considering there were 4 kids in the family.... My mother did some really cool things to get me out of her hair during the day while my siblings were at school. One of which was to build a tent under the pool table for me. I would pretend the day away and often fell asleep under there. My mother was one smart cookie ey?
When I saw this table tent at de klein Zebra those memories immediately rush back into my mind. Those memories- I hold even more near and dear to my heart than most I think. My mother passed away when I was just 4 1/2 years old. For that reason and the fact that I now have my very own pool table (not in the dining room) and a 3 year old daughter, I will make her this tent. By golly!


Rochelle R. 11:26 PM  

My Mom made a tent cover for a card table when we had our preschool. It was designed to look like a play house with clear vinyl windows and flower and bush shaped appliques. The kids loved it. A pool table would sure be a nice big tent!

Kristin 1:51 PM  

Very cute. I remember hanging sheets and blankets from our family pool table to create a "fort" or a "houses when we would play house...in fact my first kiss was under our pools table...when I much older though - I guess the idea stuck until I was older.

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