Well- this concludes Dog Day here at the old Fancy Schmancy. I hope you had a swell time. Give your dog a good smackin on the arse for me! Here are a few more treats for you, and then thats it. No more!
Jerry need no help playing with his balls.
Sex toys for dogs.
Why scoop the poop when you can catch it?
Pet Armor Gallery.
Dry nasty crap.

I like this one- its a very clever idea to help your dog see the screen door.


Rochelle R. 1:36 AM  

I enjoyed Dog Day. I am sure someone can make a pretty good living doing dog grooming. It is very exspensive here. I guess paying a lease for a building would be a big expense though.I know that shelters here get quite a few long haired purebreeds because the onwers can't deal with the grooming needed.

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