I survived the earthquake! 7-29-08

Today I am no longer an Earthquake virgin! And I am thanking my lucky fucking stars that we are safe and sound. I had just called Sophie into my room so that I could dress her to go to the market when the quake hit. She was in her room watching a movie. At first I didn't know what I was hearing. Were pipes busting? Were the neighbor kids lighting fireworks off again? Was a plane crashing through the roof? It took me about a half a second to realize that it was none of thee above. It was a freaking earthquake! You could see the walls moving! You could hear precious knick knacks being thrown to there death. After another seconds time I had Sophie (dress half over her face) over my shoulder and my gazelle like body was flying out the door. I'm safe, but what if one of my steel umbrellas falls on my head? Or worse the giant avocado tree? I should go to the street. Fuck the gate won't open!!! I kick it open with all my force. The ground is settling. The street has not split open. I am safe. I set Sophie down. Finish pulling her dress on. "Mommy that was funny!" After the quake when I was assessing the damage I found that a large picture had fallen from the wall and shattered in a zillion sharp slivers EXACTLY WHERE SHE HAD JUST BEEN SITTING!!!! I cannot even allow my brain to imagine how awful that could have turned out. Thank you baby Jesus!

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