Toddlers Don't Give A Crap If You Are Sunburned

They still climb all over you.
Sorry I have not been around much this week, I have been busy with my soon-to-be 3 year old. It is just her and I most days. Mr Hubby has been having to actually work since a few employees are taking their summer vacations. Sophie and I have been busy crafting (nothing to speak of unless you want to see our latest PlayDoh monster or finger painting) and going to the beach. Basically anything to get her away from what has become her favorite friend, the television. Yikes! Also by the time I get done with the sites my eyes are bulging out so much that I have to stop interwebbing for the day, sorry.

I am going to round up the week with some fun sites that I have "collected" this week. I hope you enjoy and have a terrific weekend! And as always- give your mother a hug. (Or your father Amy!)

I would love to have a whole wall full of these (not in pastel) over the fireplace in the room we call "The Lodge".
Red Snapper

These laser cut records are so unbelievably cool. I do not know how you would diy these without a laser, but I just wanted to share them with you anyway. Cribcandy

Laser cut butterflies- I have no source for this one.

If I were having a dinner party, this is what I would wear.
Again- great for "The Lodge".
via OrangeBeautiful (or is it The Scoop now?)

This is where I would have my dinner party....

Dad- will you please please please with sugar on top buy me this lamp the next time you go to Germany? (It's from Amelie don't you know.)

Only 7 bucks at Just7. Can you freaking believe that?

Find Zombie love at

Have a great weekend!


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