My name is Erika and I am a thriftaholic.

Mr hubby bought a giant Zippo lighter for me yesterday from the car wash, (they have the most fun stuff at the strangest places.) Today I bought him some giant chopsticks from the Zion Market. Tee hee. I know they are for cooking but wouldn't it be fun to use them for dinner?
Also- after dropping of about 40 pairs of size 11 shoes to Goodwill ( that otta make some cross dresser happy!) I had a run through. I scored 3 large packs of blank invites, a pack of printable stickers, a Danish tray and dip cup, a great little junk/make up organizer and a very odd black vase to go with my collection of high gloss black vessels. All for $11 smackeroos! Yeah!

It is gray and unseasonably chilly (70 degress) here is So Cal today. I baked cookies yesterday when it was a million degrees, wish I had that to do today instead. I feel the need to make something today, perhaps with my new cardstock... I am finding inspiration today from Selvedge, Peter Clark and World360.


Amanda 10:19 PM  

I just have to say you found some crazy bargains. What steals!

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