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Just snooping through Pottery Barns new stuff and spotted these super cool skeleton plates and vampire teeth place card holders. They would be so much fun at a Halloween party. The place card holders can be used to identify some of the munchies and drinks rather than at a formal dinner table.
I had a babysitter when I was a kid that did crafts with me. One of the things we made was old time paper. We took brown paper bags, got them wet, crumpled them up and tore around all the edges. After they were dry we actually burned them in some places. I thought it was so cool then. I think it would be a really neat type of paper to use inside the teeth. And in other places at Halloween for that matter!


mette/ungt blod 12:31 AM  

i love those skeleton plates! so cool. and i would love to have a link on your blog!

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