Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb

Just got back from Ohio. Here are the new babies! Lilly Ann and Cody James. Ain't they cute? They are the tiniest babies I have ever seen, but weighing in at 6.11 and 6.7 lbs each is huge for twins!
I am so tired. Yawn. Jet lag I reckon... It is going to take me 2 months to shake this twang again. Arg!

This is where I got arrested for the first time. I was 14, a runaway and drunk. Good times....

This is how much I paid for 3/4 of a tank of gas in my dad's truck.

My baby, my friend's 2 kids and my sister's new middle child dancing in the water in small town Oxford.

She was strong and quick!

This is the house that Brian built. We lived here before we moved to California. It was a beautiful house! Awesome kitchen. Fantastic panoramic views of the city. and I miss the jacuzzi everyday....

The new owners built an ugly garage. It hides the beautiful stone porch that Brian built.

I forgot how much I missed hanging out with red necks. This is dad and Patsy dancing to an Elvis impersonator.

Sophie and her cousin Carson on the small Farris Wheel at the local fair. She was rocking it and scaring the hell out of Carson.


amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay 2:11 PM  

yay OHIO!!! xo sounds like it was FAB!

hampton 2:18 PM  

i love that you included the scene of your first brush with the law!

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