The Coat Check

I am totally in love with the Coatcheck Girls! I have always loved reclaimed fur and thought that giving an old fur coat a new life as a pillow or throw would be so nice, if I lived in a cold climate...
I so love the fur life jacket! I could totally see a set of these on my bed in the boat.

The Coat Check


Anonymous,  5:46 AM  

I thought your blog was cool till this post. You do know that animals are often skinned alive to get their fur. It's 2008-2009 wake up you're not living in the woods killing your own food/clothing. Faux fur is the way to go. People like you are the ones who continue the torture of animals around the world.

Bob Beck,  12:21 PM  

If you'd followed the link and read the "Coatcheck" site, you'd know that the creators use only old or "vintage" coats which would otherwise molder in closets, or be thrown out. They don't support the fur industry by adding to the demand for new fur.

If that doesn't matter to you, consider: it's absolutely wrong to claim that "animals are often skinned alive to get their fur." No sensible trapper or furrier would do this. Wanton cruelty aside, think of the practicality of trying to remove the skin of a live animal.

I'll declare an interest: I'm an old friend of one of the "Coat Check Girls." At least I'm prepared to put my real name to a blog post.

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