DIY Christmas Star

"DIY Christmas Star:

It’s almost self-explanatory how this star is made: Find some thin sticks - anything will do as long as it’s regular. Place the first two pieces in a rough cross or X, and start winding a narrow but relatively strong gardening wire around it. Keep adding pieces and winding wire relatively tightly until you have a ball. Wind around a few more times, and after you decide where the “top” is, wind the wire around a stick at the top edge, and use the remainder to either hang from the ceiling, or wind around the top branch of your tree.

Our star began as part of tongue-and-groove flooring boards we had to pull up in the studio. We cut the tongues off with a saw so that we could use the boards for something else, and threw the thin sticks away into in a kindling pile. An artist friend casually picked them out, tied them up with wire he found in our tool cart, and made this star for our first studio Christmas tree. It took 5 minutes but it looked completely magical - as if it might actually have been the first star on the first Christmas tree. After Christmas we decided to hang the star from the ceiling, rather than put it away. It’s made from the very same original materials the studio was built with, so we thought it looked quite elegant and delicate, and it seemed to belong."

Via- Ouno Design Blog


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