So, apparently I can post about leather all the fuck I want but as soon as I mention using reclaimed fur I become an evil bastard.
I buy nearly everything that I own used, not because that is all we can afford but only because it makes more sense to reuse items as much as possible. I recycled and reuse everything that I can. My husband and I have a bricks and mortar business that sells only environmentally safe building material. We (my husband and I) also started a non profit organization where we are developing new energy technologies. Prior to any of that I spent my early years (17 years to be exact) as a Master certified pet groomer/ animal advocate. And guess what? I eat meat. Love love love the steak. I wear only leather shoes and leather belts and recently decided on only leather handbags because they all last a lifetime. And yes- I bought a "reclaimed" vintage fur coat from Goodwill and will more than likely make a pillow out of it and if you cannot handle that then I am sorry that you are so righteous and this blog is not for you, and I don't want you here.
To everyone else, I am sorry that you had to listen to me rant and I appreciate all of your positive feedback.


Phoebe 10:26 AM  

What you should do with a fur coat instead of repurposing it, is go to the arctic tundra and return it to its rightful owner or leave it to rot in a Goodwill somewhere ensuring that the animal died in vain. I am all for being a vegetarian and animal-friendly, but I really hate when people start acting all morally superior about it. Do you know how many bunnies, field mice, and other assorted small mammals are killed by those grain havesters? What a hypocrite. I totally had plans on making a fur pillow, too.

hampton 2:39 PM  

hahaha. as both an animal lover and a person with common sense, i enjoyed your rant. if making a pillow out of goodwill fur makes you an evil bastard, at least you are in good company.

Queen Mommy 9:16 AM  

Accept the things you can not change. So there are evil
people out there killing animals, that doesn't mean you are evil for
taking them out of an old smelly store to give them a good life on your
couch, what ever happened to recycle and reuse. You couldn't prevent
them from killing the animal but you can enjoy the resources that are
left and give it a decent showcase...I agree with Erika, I live in a
city that is not green friendly and I do my best to contribute where I
can,(I am begining to think I am the only on in the city that brings my
own bags to the store) but I still eat meat and buy lipstick..

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