Do You Gocco?

This is a handy little device for the serious Gocco users out there. I say serious because it ain't exactly cheap. ($1,000-1,200 for A4 and A5 only.) It is a replacement for those costly little flash bulbs. A thermal screen printer.
"This compact direct-thermal printer uses heat to create your image on gocco-style thermal screen masters. The process allows characters and graphics to print clear and crisp. The new electronic direct-drive system means the printers are quiet and fast. With just a few moving parts, they are low-maintenance, offering years of reliable and consistent operation."

Also- many of you may have noticed that the cost of the bulbs has gone up. Instead of getting 10 bulbs for about $15, you now only get 4 for the same money. WTF? I just ordered the old boxes of 10 from
Printaddict or Etchworld. So stock up while you still can.
My husband and I are also experimenting with using a shop lamp in the upper housing, something we will have to try again once I get my replacement stage glass since we melted the original one in our "experiment". He swears that it can be done if I am willing to let him try again. We will see.... btw- has anyone ever use old camera flash bulbs for this?


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