I have been staring at this haircut all day but not sure if it's for me. I have been growing my hair out for months now, without even dying it! And you have seen what a yucky mess it is. I have got to do something with it soon. (plus i just lost 20lbs! )
I'm just not sure of the bangs. I just now am able to tuck mine behind my ears...Does anyone have bangs like this? Do you love them or hate them?


Michele 7:42 PM  

The only reason I grew out my bangs [I have had bangs for 1 year of my life: 2007] was because the helmet hair was incredibly gross! Go for it! I love thick, eye-skimming bangs!

amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay 5:25 AM  

i have- and I tend to push them aside- I cut shorter bangs this year- the cut is hot though- u could rock it gorgeous

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