I just came back from the thrift store where I scored 2 really neat books.
Tiny Treasures shows you how to make a bunch of dollhouse sized house hold items. Like a lamp using a golf tee and a paper muffin cup as the shade. Or a mini grill using parts from those plastic prize capsules from vending machines and the thing that keeps the pizza box off of the pizza. Super clever!
Green Crafts for Children was a total prize too.35 projects using recycled and found objects.


lsaspacey 7:18 AM  

YES, I bought Tiny Treasures a years ago. Isn't it incredible? I'm sad to say I never made anything from it, but my friends have kids 5 to 9 so I'll probably get some use from it soon.

The same publisher had a really cute book on friends that I bought copies of and sent to my best girl friends that same year.

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