Have you ever started a project that you thought you could whip out in just a few short hours but instead it turns into 2 days worth of misery? Well then- I would like to introduce you to our new little friend named "Youstupidmotherfucker" !

Notice the "band-aid" on his side? That is to cover the busted seam. And the scarf? to hide his hideous stitches.
Oh well- Sophie loves him, and feels bad for his boo boo....


Laura 9:36 AM  

Your post and the title just made me laugh out loud. In my life everything takes about twice as long as I think it will AND it never turns out the way I envision it. I sympathize. The little animal is adorable though- boo boos and all.

Skye 11:14 AM  

You are cracking me up!

lsaspacey 7:24 AM  

I love the bandaid addition. Too cute.

Paul Overton 12:50 PM  

Hey, That's also the name of my dog that barks all the time! Actually it's "Shaddup Youstupidmotherfucker"

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