I just came from the thrift store and boy oh boy did I score!

2 huge slabs of paraffin for $3.00! Now I can make things like this. And a pretty chips and dip bowl for $1.91 (?), (I have an avocado tree). And that cabinet for $3.00 will be so cool stained to match my open shelves in the kitchen and become a first aid cabinet. I am going to leave a cross unstained on it to signify that it is a first aid kit. Already bought the stain!

How f-ing cool is that wooden deer? $3.00. napkin rings twenty five cents for each set, will be cool wrapped in embroidery thread. Luffah seeds, 10 cents. cute little ceramic Sophie size pot 25 cents. 6 tin trays for tea party treats $2.00. totally cute orange house tin $1.00. And 2 new in package pom pom makers for $1.91!


Queen Mommy 7:38 AM  

Can I just fly out there to go shopping at your Goodwills, I never find that many cool things in Cincy, only when the yardsales start...

heidistitches 8:09 AM  

Okay, I know we live in the same area...you've got to tell me what thrift stores you hit. When I go, I never find anything this cute! Way to go.

lsaspacey 5:41 AM  

Those wooden deer must have been extremely popular at some time as I keep seeing them. A friend's father actually used that design and made some at Christmas time years ago and she gave me one as a present. The tree might not get set up but he comes out every year!

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