I think I'm turning Japanese, I think I'm turning Japanese I really think so

Image- make your own felt sushi. A happy combination of both of todays topic!

Since our resent trip to Honolulu, I have been thinking about 2 things- Japanese craft books and sushi! I am not really a fan of the sushi. Raw fish just sounds yucky to me. I do love raw beef though...can you make sushi with tar tar?
I was thinking that fruit and vegetable sushi (and whats wrong with hotdog or cold cut sushi?) would be a lot of fun to make with Sophie and a great intro to some new food. Plus, how cute is it going to be to send her to preschool with a little bento box full of peanut butter and jelly sushi?
I have found that when I let her cook she always eats it. I don't think she will enjoy the seaweed part of it but if I make my rice sticky enough I should be able to roll it without the seaweed just by using parchment paper. I also thought that instead of using caviar that I would use toasted flax seeds, which she loves.
I have been snooping around, looking for help and found several kits and cookbooks. (See carousel bellow). I also found a great video on Youtube. (Also below)

And for the Japanese craft books part- I present to you (drum roll please) YesAsia!!! Their site is pretty cool if you have time to sort through everything. Just don't count on their "save for later" button to actually save items. I spent hours saving about 30 different book only to go back and find them all not there. Use a site like Wists to bookmark them instead.

I have also found here in So Cal 2 different Japanese markets that I plan to check out this weekend. Mitsuwa and Marukai.


heidistitches 2:37 PM  

Thanks for the tips. I work close to both of these stores. I going to hit Mitsuwa during lunch tomorrow. If I find anything interesting, I'll let you know.

Phoebe 12:12 PM  

If you like crab and or shrimp, you should try California and/or Crunchy sushi rolls and the tempura rolls. I don't dig on the raw fish, but I love sushi. Also, this is not at all Japanese, but you have to see it.

First of all, this bitch is CRAZY! Who does this for an 8-year-old's birthday party?! Maybe 16, but 8?! It's really an awesome idea, but the reality is not reality. I bet she makes the kids whose moms had parties at Chuck E. Cheese feel like shit. (Clearly not effected by the current economy.)


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