Look at this sweet little guy I found at the flea market today for $8.00! He was designed by Freeman China for GG George. I don't know where to put him, so for now he is just watching me post things to Craigslist. (it's amazing the stuff you find when clearing out a 15,000ft warehouse...)
I spent a little time snooping around the web to see if I could find a value on my new friend so that I could justify buying him to Mr.Hubby. I was hoping to find some antique site selling him for, you know, maybe 5-6 thousand bucks. Give or take. The only place I found him was on Ebay so if anyone else wants one you have until Feb 21-09 17:55:29 to bid. Click here.

Meanwhile check out some of the cool stuff I'm selling on Craigslist.


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