Norwegian designer Helen Johannesen has made an ecosmart alternative to writing on paper; a ceramic note pad that can be used over and over again.

I think this is such a clever idea and something that everyone could do by just using a $0.42 ceramic tile and an oil pencil. Add felt feet to the back so it does not scratch your desk.

update- i should have added, that whenever we have parties we have water coolers with various drinks in them and i always write on the outside with dry erase markers. my husband freaked out the first time i did it because the coolers cost a pretty penny and he thought i used a sharpee. in the end it wiped right off with a dry towel. so if you don't want to use an oil pencil try a dry erase marker.


Becs 8:06 AM  

Have you tried this? I really like your idea for a cheaper version but I feel like the oil pencil wouldn't wipe off cleanly ...

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