I told you that I would tell you about my little "hydroponic thing"... Mr. Hubby and I have always dreamed of living on a 100 ft yacht and traveling the globe. Our biggest obstacles are that we would want it to be self sufficient. No gasoline. Solar powered, yadda yadda. We decided that one of the things that I could bring to this would be to learn how to grow our food hydroponically on board to sustain us.
So I started to do some research when get this- We just moved out of our 15,000 sq ft. warehouse and it just so happens that the leading hydroponic equipment dealer here in So Cal is moving in. AND get this- they need a forklift and we found ourselves left with one. Not the big one, someone bought that thank God. So Mr. Hubby worked out a trade with them and I should have $3000.00 worth of hydro gear here in the next few weeks.
We also happen to have this concrete pad in our back yard where a garden shed once sat. We are planning to build a new shed to house the hydro garden. Why a shed and not just a green house you ask? Well, to learn how to grow on a boat means that not only do I have to figure our the whole water system but I also need to learn the artificial lighting part of it and have it all be solar powered. Phew!

pretty picture

All of these seem to be the best ideas for a shed for us and they would match our Cliff May house. I think the one below seems like the most practical fit for us...
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I almost forgot that I should totally get one of these for the garden shed!


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