This little playroom is so sweet. (again-prolly cause it is so orderly) I love the tipi, such a great place to cuddle up with a good book. I found a few places to guide you in making your own. Here ,here and here.
We are planning a neighborhood yardsale in a few weeks. I just tried to clean out Sophie's room of excess toys but quickly realized that it is a job to be done while she is at school. Silly me- I thought there might be a lesson in it....


jacklyn 11:15 AM  

i love this playroom. i would have given anything to have a real teepee in my bedroom. i tried many time to make one from sheets and various stick like objects, but this is the best!

malo 11:56 AM  

I love the natural colors. Calm and creative. The tipi is great but to us some kind of a corner one would be perfect. Not much space around here.

casapinka 5:13 AM  

I have this in my inspiration journal as well. Love the mobile, love your bloggie!

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