Well- member I said that we were moving out of our humongo warehouse and into a smaller swanky office, and using a 3rd party logistics company to ship our goods? We decided that the swanky office was going to be our house instead. This will allow me to still be a stay-at-home-mom and work all at the same time.Yay me.
Mr Hubby built a wall down the center of the garage and insulated the room. the drywall guys are coming today. He would have done it himself but we are running out of time. The new tenants (hydroponic suppliers! more on that later) want our building early next week.
The new found garage space sits just outside of the room that I refer to as the lodge. A big warm woodsy room with a giant fireplace. The 2 rooms will become our new office. A great use of space that we were hardly using.
I forgot to show you this freaking amazing plant! It's an asparagus fern, but growing from some sort of ball. I have always wanted something like this. I hope I don't kill it...

These 2 pictures are my latest thrift scores from 2 different days. (minus the metal bowl filled with rocks and coral from our Hawaii trip). I can't decide which I like best. The Beatrix Potter books? The bookends? The funny little bird?


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