Who doesn't love freebies?

Lookit what my neighbor was getting rid of! Mr hubby thinks I am crazy for wanting these but I think they would be great storage in Sophie's room. I think I will paint them white and do the inside back panel either in a nice green or a vintage mod wallpaper. They have lots of shelves that are not shown.

Also- Youstupidmotherfucker finally got a tail. I used this little sheepskin rug that I bought from Ikea. Sophie loves the way it feels so I stole a tiny piece of it to make his tail. I also was instructed to make a prosthetic-replacement-tail-tip for "babies". She is one happy little girl now and that is all that matters. Right?

OMG- she just instructed me that we need to make it "lellow" now. What a tyrant!


Phoebe 9:02 AM  

haha...Sophia says "lellow," too.

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