I have been gearing up for the biggest motha fuckin yard sale evah! (side note- you may have noticed me cursing a bit more here lately and that is because I have a 3 and a half year old who repeats everything.
for me, cursing is a hard habbit to break. i grew up in the mid-west, in public schools so i have been saying the f word since i were a wee youngin. but now i can't say anything negative because my little salamander latches onto it and spews it out amungst her peers in christain school. so i am now using you, my dear friends, to lash out on. and i thank you for it.)

Second side note- Let me just say this, we are totally screwed right now. We are in business to sell high end, eco-friendly building material. We got in it early. When we started everyone would say "Green?! I hate that color!" or "Why would I want to pay for green? Who cares about that crap?"
We turned an idea into a multi million dollar business.
Now here we are, several years into this and everybody has "greenwashed" leaving us without flavor and rotting away in this oh so shitty economy where nobody has loan money for home improvements.
So this weekend we are having the motha of all motha fucking yardsales as part of our neighborhood yardsale. I have scoured every square inch of this house. I have packaged everything together. I have spent so so much time setting up our yard (behind a fence so come Saturday morning all I have to do is open the gate) and all I ask in return is a little "yard sale professionalism".
So here are my hopes for this weekend-
* Bring small bills.
* Bring big bills too!
* Bring a roll of quarters.
* Bring your own bags.
* Bring a few boxes.
* Bring newspaper.
* Bring all sizes of batteries if you think you might buy anything electronic.


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