Our yardsale was a huge success. We made close to $2600.00! Our neighbors were a bit pissed at us (from what I hear thru the grapevine) for snagging all of the business. A few neighbors were pissy about our prices. They thought we should sell everything for a 25 cents. But those are the ones who would be selling their old water bottles and moth eaten house coats.

Paul Ferney artwork
If I weren't so stressed out I would have taken before and after pictures. We sold damn near everything and not a single person felt like they got ripped off. I did scold several people for giving me shit about not wrapping their stuff for them or not having bags, (and one lady for giving her dog a bad haircut but she dug me) that's just the kinda gal I am.

Map Bicycles
All in all we had a good time. I took a few left over clothes to Goodwill today and have a few items to put in storage for a later sale.
We are on the fence about what to do with our future. We are trekking forward with the business and the phones do seem to be ringing this week. We are also starting a web design company so if anyone needs any site work done please email me.

Pinata cantaloupe by Confetti System


amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay 7:59 PM  

congrats!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoox


Those marshmallows are too pretty to munch!

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