I spent yesterday weatherproofing my patio furniture. We bought this furniture from Target 2 years ago. It was part of their new found friendship with Smith and Hawkins. The stuff is terrible! I have had to add bating to the wimpy pillows. The planks in the coffee table have warped. I tried to redye the covers (with no luck) because they quickly changed to a yucky sun washed color. And now today- the final straw, as a way to salvage them for at least one more season, I used a brown tinted treatment on them. It did help quite a too. Not as good as they once were but they will do.

Now I need a centerpiece for the table and I thought this one by Nini Makes would make the perfect piece. The playfulness of it will go so nicely with the pool, I think.


Mai Lillian Love 9:47 AM  

I love the neat things you find to blog about. I'm going to try my hand at a whimsical terrarium like the one posted. I'll have to find hardy plants as I'm sure Polly pocket dolls will invade the scene via my 5 year old.

City Girl 10:38 AM  

You know, I've been threatening to plant/create a terrarium, and now - by God - I'm going to do it!

Thanks for the inspiration. :o)

jacklyn 7:37 AM  

this is so friggin awesome! i have a small succulent centerpiece that i use on my dining table. it's an "upintheairsomewhere" vase from etsy with some flapjack succulents in it. love it!

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