We bought an older RV last night! (Recreation Vehicle or caravan for you Europeans. I wish we called them caravans here...) It's not the one pictured but I had to show this photo again because I want our RV to be this sweet, or better. I will have photos of it at a later date, we don't take possession of it until next week. We are going to have some work done on it to make it more fuel efficient. We also put up Sophie pool a few days ago. For those of you with toddlers and small children, the Intex pool is the best invention ever. It comes with a filtration system so you don't have to dump it out each week. Sophie will spend an hour in it and then be all hungry and sleepy for a few hours. Bliss.

This is my view of the pool from my computer.

I also bought this little backpack at Joanne Fabrics for $2.99 yesterday. I suggested a fish applique to Sophie (since its blue) but she asked for a mermaid so this is the best I could do. She said it is "perpect mama".


lsaspacey 1:30 PM  

You should go to Flickr and check the pics of .Delight's RV renovations. They drove it around the country on cooking oil. Maybe you don't want to do that but her decor of it was so beautiful and cozy, just like each of her prior homes. Definitely check out her other homes, the link right above is of my favorite. Enjoy!

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