We have been working on our big move for the past few days. We swapped rooms with Sophie and put her new loft bed together. Now she has a desk, so I dashed out to the thrift store at the end of the road to see if I could find a $5.00 desk chair for her. As if it was calling me, I found a great little chair for $4.99! I should have taken before and after pictures but my Husband and I took it apart and reupholstered it as soon as it rolled through the door.
We still need lampshades for the little lamps that were once in my Etsy shop. tee hee. Now that we have a camper and with all this remodeling we are doing, I have taken like 20 items down from the shop and put them to use here!
I think I may go with this shade from Ikea...


Queen Mommy 11:47 AM  

LOL I almost bought the pillows that match that shade but they were a little to expensive for what I wanted to use them for.

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