4:05.6 on 7/8/09 !!!

I LOVE this sign!!! If I had a menu board this is what mine would say.

Vintage earrings made into push pins. Great idea!

Romanesco Broccoli Seeds- weird looking but I hear they are really good to eat!

For $7.00 you can get the PDF pattern of these lovely burlap baskets by Maya Made.
And lastly- Smitten Kitchen has what looks to be the yummiest marshmallows and graham cracker recipes. The last camping trip we took we made Smores, but my adult palate was not really diggin on the store bought marshmallows and cheapy graham crackers. I cannot wait to try these! I think I may try to drizzle the tops of the graham crackers with melted chocolate so that my kiddo isn't eating a slab of chocolate with each one. Plus I can use good dark chocolate, which we all love! Oooo or spicy Aztec!


alissa 3:35 PM  

love that whiskey sign! mine would say vodka - but loving the idea :)

Phoebe 8:40 AM  

Cool, you read Smitten Kitchen, too? I've been dying to make those marshmallows ever since I saw them. They look so much more appetizing than the powdery confections you get at the store.

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