I have been vacillating all day on weather or not to tell you how I enjoyed the Renegade Craft Fair. I decided to just come out with it- I was deeply disappointed! I know this was their first time in L.A., but I did not see anything new and innovative. Your basic run of the mill letter press, silk screened tee shirts and posters that only made sense to the artists. A few plushies that I swear I have the vintage book that has all of the patterns in it! And a handful of things that you see on the front page of Etsy at least once a week. (i get it, you like them but show me something new already.)
The music was painful at best. Very loud and screechy. Reminded me of "There Will Be Blood" somehow. Which I hated. A craft show, on a Sunday afternoon, no matter how renegade, should still play Sunday afternoon music By golly!
The whole thing took us less time to walk through than the drive up there did. And Renegade- next time serve some white wine and maybe my pocketbook will find itself opening up. Not Paptst Blue ribbon,wtf?
photo via Craftster


Queen Mommy 6:52 PM  

That is very disappointing, I was hoping you were going to tell that it was one of the best craft festivals yet and that there should be no excuse for me not going to Chicago's. Have you been to the one in chi-town? Is it still worth the drive up there and the money? We could still make a girls trip out of it...

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