Sorry about not posting too much this week. I have actually been looking for a day job. Yea, I know. Money is tight for everyone. Luckily for me, the dog industries is still going strong. If fact it is growing by leaps and bounds. Which means that little ole me can put my Master Certification for pet grooming to use to make a few bucks.

Problem is- I don't want just any job. I want a high profile salon with a large clientele. The job interviews that I have been on are less than glamorous.

One guy, omg, he asked me to "take a quick eye exam while I was there". Ok, I'll play along. He handed me a quiz with 10 questions on it. 3 questions into it I said "I think my sister has sent me this a few times in an email" It was the fucking test that Dr. Phil gave to Oprah!!! What the fuck does that have to do with my job qualifications? Because I choose brown over red, or cross my legs so that no one see my va-jj when I sit makes me a bit introverted?!

I have been offered a job at each place I visited but my overall feeling when I leave is more like "I should open my own damn shop and do it right". No one puts any effort into the decor. They all look like crap. I could make my shop look amazing! I would use all of our products to make it look modern and eco-friendly. I would use natural products. I would even have a line of products private labeled to sell for resale.

The other thing that people in the pet grooming biz, or most business for that matter do is under charge in an effort to "stay competitive". Not me. If they want $19.99 Save Em Down they can go to Petco. If you want someone who is award winning, master certified and loving and peaceful and genuine then they will pay me a bit more for that. Right?
So, does anyone want to invest? ;)

Dog photos are by Susan Sabo Photography.


feltpets 6:22 AM  

I say "go for it!"

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