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Today is D Day! Today we pack the truck! We have sold just about everything we own. It was a blast! We had 3 days of successful estate/moving and eventually a yardsale. After it was all done and counted we all decided that maybe we should be pros at this stuff. "Professional Yardsalers"

Oh- here is an odd thing. We called Out Of The Closet to pick up the remains of our stuff and when they showed up they were total bitches and just picked though it and took what they thought was nice. They left behind so many valuable items. We even told them that some of the stuff was actually purchased from their stores but they just thought we were lying. So no more Out of the Closet donations from us. I will take my business elsewhere.

In just a little bit I will have to pack up my computer and will not unpack it until sometime around the the 7th (my b-day!) The boat will be hauled out of the water and onto a truck on the 2nd. I can't wait for this to all be over. My stomach is in knots.
Wish us luck on our long haul to Washington state.


Phoebe 8:50 AM  

Good luck!

lsaspacey 9:27 AM  

Good luck on the move! Make it a fun adventure.

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