We have arrived! We have actually been here for over 2 weeks now. The house is small and it was full of country bumpkin stuff. We had to pack up everything and put it in their shed just to have room for our stuff. Which left us furious! And they did not get it. We have been paying rent since 9/15/09 but they were not even ready for us by 10/6/09! This place should have been move-in ready!!!
The jacuzzi was disgusting. We spent 3 days flushing it out with nasty chemicals. The carpets were urine stained, they did replace them. Pergo floors, bleck. Our bedroom is only large enough for a bed. No headboard, no side tables, no lamps. Just a bed.
We gave notice of departure upon arrival. I think we will be out sooner though. We have a live-aboard slip for the boat and are seriously considering moving on it and leasing/buying office/warehouse space.
By the end of each day we have thought of nearly 100 different ideas. Our lives are changing so fast. So dramatically, I cannot keep up.
One day we want to open a restaurant. The next day a lamp shop.
Today we found a fantastic, brand new storage facility right next to the marina that we can start a business in. We are starting the process of putting in an offer. We have lots of minor legal issues to figure out. We plan to turn it into "creative space" where we can prototype some of our most interesting ideas.
The picture that I have in mind is of some ultimate artist studio! The shit that you dreamed about when you where 18 but to the tenth degree!


Phoebe 7:10 AM  

Lovely view, at least.

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