Bah Humbug!

This is a warning to anyone who knows me and is reading this blog-
I am not going to buy Christmas gifts for anyone other than my daughter this year. I am too busy caught up in my own messy life right now to have a big beautiful holiday. Don't come round here for the best of the seasons fanciest gift list and what nots. There, I've said it! (p.s. to my bbbff (big bodacious best friend forever) who will be here the week of xmas, we will still have a great time but in all fairness you are Jewish :)

I may come around still. I may change my mood and become a last minute Santa. It could happen. So here are a few things that caught my eye as great "make your own presents".

Homemade vanilla extract. I have recently had the joy of finding out that way too much really good vanilla in your chocolate chip cookies is a wonderful thing! Coco&me shoes you how to make some. Plus now that we are all in the thick of the green movement, we can use our garbage as cool containers. How bout that?
This "turkey dressing skirt" tutorial is only for a limited time so chop chop! I think I will make one for Sophie and one for me.
S'mores.....mmmmmm... Sophie still talks about how we made s'more this summer while camping. This would be a great gift for any kid. You can buy them at Twig & Thistle or make your own. You can find boxes here for around 30 cents each. And if you are really feeling adventurous make your own graham crackers and marshmallows.
Sophie still loves everything I have ever made for her. How cool is she? I made a pretty bad version of this outfit last year and it still makes her daily wardrobe changes. I think I need to make a new larger version for the up and coming year. Perhaps I should make one for me as well.... Hey bbbff- you want one?
I love these. I always have. And once I get my craft room up and running again I promise to make one. Scouts honor.
This garland from Shoptwig.com could easily be make using your extra large craft hole punch, some yarn, felt and glue. Makes a great gift or decorate your tree with it. I think they are lovely and they, for some odd reason, remind me of the ladies in Italy that toss ribbons off their balconies to lure male suitors.

Do I really need to say how cute these are? Ok "these are so stinkin cute! Go here for the free PDF to make your own.

I have been spending alot of my time at Etsy, working on my shop Avant Garage and starting a new one selling vintage shoes, Shoe Shoe Studio. Please go check them out. I have some great things there.

Here are a few things off of my favorites list too.
Eddie Ross says that black candles have a more understated glow and by golly I believe him!
I would love to have this soap sitting in my bathroom. I don't think I could bring myself to use it though...
These are so sweet. And sold now. Sorry. But since I live in the forest now and am surrounded by moss, I think I might take a crack at making some terrariums sometime.
I think I drink chai tea a bit more than I should simply because I want to smell it. This might help me with that addiction.
I love this teak safety pin. It would look fantastic as a scarf pin.

This guy inspires me to make Sophie yet another bunny.


Anonymous,  9:59 AM  

Hi Erika! thank you so uch for your sweet post!!! please email me at eddie@eddieross.com your address and I would love to send you a pair of candles! Merry Christmas!!!

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