I have been into modernism/mid century modern for the past 9 years now. That is the style that I have adopted in my home decor. Living up here in this national forest out in the country but still waterside (goddamn its really pretty up here) I tend to lean towards older looks and warmer styles, but still hang onto a little bit of what I have designed for myself over the past 9 years. I feel like I might be falling into some sort of industrial, old world, country but still luxurious and metro category. Perhaps even a bit steampunk if you will. Take for example this photo of a laundry room portrayed by Restoration Hardware.

I could make a career out of doing the one task that is the vain of my existence if I got to spend my days in a room as rich and old world as this one. I can almost picture cutie Robert Downie Jr. (Sherlock Holmes) dropping of his blood stained clothes....

My new flip clock iPhone app.

My newest FREE computer screen saver.


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